schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

5 things meme

Been tagged by a German blogger friend:

5 things I don't have but that I'd like to have:

1) more time
2) Canadian citizenship. Or American citizenship - that'd be cool, too. Or at least being a permanent resident in either of these countries.
3) a pet
4) a job that pays better (or one that pays at all)
5) more books :)

5 things I have but that I'd rather not have:

1) a weird hair color
2) a sensitive stomach
3) too much ambition from time to time
4) a messy room
5) asthma

5 things I don't have and that I don't wanna have either:

1) serious allergies
2) drama in my personal life
3) serious problems concerning anything
4) lack of coffee
5) heartache (the serious kind... I'm a fangirl, so my heart is always aching a bit ;))

5 things I have and that I wouldn't wanna miss for the world:

1) The best friends you could wish for *hugs*
2) a loving family
3) good health
4) love that I receive and love I give to others (sounds cheesy but to me nothing is worse than emotional death)
5) happiness

5 people who haven't done this but who I'd like to do it:

Hmpf... I hate tagging. But okay, this game would be less fun without the fifth "5" thingy - don't feel obliged to do it if you don't want to:
cyad , northern_star , genclay , htbthomas , theblackshadow

Nothing else exciting going on. It's this boring time when you're not exhausted from exams anymore but have no clue what to do with your free time. Well... I do have a job but that one's boring, too... as usual.
I'll be out of town (but probably reachable by e-mail) again starting on Saturday but back Thursday morning when school finally starts again. ;)
Tags: meme
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