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Our apartment looks odd. Everybody started packing and the place gets empty as my roommates are slowly clearing out their rooms and the common areas. Vero brought her stuff to her new place, I guess, and most of Liane's furniture and personal belongings are with her parents who will help us move next Wednesday (Moving Day... I'm not kidding you). I'm about to start packing my boxes, too, but I can't help getting a bit nostalgic at the thought of leaving this place.

This a look into my room - the first thing most people notice is the lack of space (storing, surface and in general). But I grew to love it so much :)

Some close-ups of my desk area:

In case you didn't know before, I'm a huge coffee junkie... so this is my (at this point rather small) collection of coffee mugs: There is Rohrschach; an original paper cup from my favorite Starbucks; a souvenir from Guatemala; a really expensive thermo mug; a travel bottle from school; a Starbucks Addict travel mug and my TDK mug. Depending on the day at least two of them are in constant use and accompany me to school.

The wall features many personal memories (like postcards and pictures and the lyrics to my favorite song ever), and of course lots of Batman and Superman paraphernalia (like... Valentine's Day cards... or calender sheets... or a Clark bar wrapping...).

If you look closely

you'll see (four of my six) TDK movie tickets :)

Yep yep, my bed... One of the few things that I really want to replace if I end up staying in Canada for more than just one more year. It's extremely comfy but way to small for me and... the mass of stuffed animals ;) All of them are gifts from friends and actually quite international: There are three Canadians (two from Quebec, one from Ontario), one Alaskan, two Dutch guys and three Germans. Oh, and a Superman pillow from Chile. ;) And yeah, they all have names and I could tell you a story for each of them but... well... no. ;)

That's the view I have every morning when I wake up. The poster is one of the few purely decorative and useless things I brought from Germany and probably the first thing I put up on my wall. The Canadian flag decorates my closet door but I really hope I can find a Quebecois one sometime.

The postcards you see on the left are all souvenirs from friends:

I love getting mail and seeing these lovely pictures makes me smile when I wake up in the morning.

Beneath the postcards is my (currently empty) fish tank and beneath that is the only reason why I'm glad to move out:

My room has absolutely not enough space for books. This is the small collection that is not hidden in suitcases and boxes - I'm really looking forward a new big book case :)

And a last pic that proves that I am really obsessed with bats:

So, you see, I'm gonna miss this place. I'm looking forward to a bigger place in a nicer area, though. And sharing the bathroom with only one other person will definitely be a plus :)
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