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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Poor metal bear...
general: music velvet_goldmine

So, I was studying for my Finals tomorrow and what else is better to keep your mind focus than really loud music?
Apparently last.fm felt offended by my absent-mindedness, so they sent me this:

Heeee, omg, he's sooo cute... I felt almost bad sending him away again... but, ya know, I had to... poor bear.
And obviously I know that the tech guys from last.fm didn't use him to distract me and give me a quick laugh when I needed one - but it worked nevertheless.

Okay, back to Statistics now... oi.

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Rofl, that's great. My music program doesn't do that--one of the downsides of keeping my listening experience to the tracks on my comp, I guess. *g*

Hehehe, yeah ;)

Last.fm actually changed their rules, so now you have to subscribe to them (and pay, obviously), in order to listen to music...
So I switched back to iTunes... so no bears for me in the future either :P

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