schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

Short and random update...

... mainly to distract myself although I'm pretty sure that come next Wednesday, I'll be stalking LJ again.
But I'm pretty lonely right now, sitting in a friend's apartment, so I figured I could just as well post a tiny bit.
  • This past week including the weekend has just been extremely amazing. I really wish I had taken pictures of all the cool things I did but most of the time I got abducted, not knowing where we'd go and what I should bring. So, yeah, no pics but lots of valuable memories of which I'll share quite a few soon.

  • I am desperately trying to come up with reasons to spend the next weekend away from here. The fact that Avenue Q will close in September was seemingly random but very much hey-there-are-no-such-things-as-coincidences news, so I'm trying to talk myself into heading off to New York for Thursday-Monday to see it.
    (LOL - really, even after one year in North America the fact that I could go to New York for a long weekend and that wouldn't be crazy is still so odd to me...)

  • If I wanna go to grad school in Canada, I need to take the GRE *sighs*. I guess it's a good thing that this takes the decision out of my hands (before I wasn't sure, seeing that I didn't really want to go to any school in the USA anyway), but it means money and time spent... again.

  • Moving was exhausting and my room, despite being more spacious and brighter, still doesn't feel like home - I wish I could put up posters and postcards yet but we "need to" paint and I have no idea when that's gonna happen...

  • I got an e-mail from this friend that stopped talking to me and she basically told me to go to hell. I over-reacted with a way-too-rushed and -hurt response which probably made things worse... Then again, I don't think they could deteriorate any further and I decided that I'm just really tired of trying so hard to keep my friends - I still love her to bits but I guess what my heart is mostly aching for is the person that I knew when I left Germany... not the person she is now. And that feeling is probably mutual, so... things had to end. I just wish I could have learned something from this experience... something that makes me a better friend for other people in the future.
Oh well, I'm still lonely but there is this huge book about Deductive Logic lying next to me and staring at me with Truth Tables and whatnot...
Sorry for hardly being around... I've been a slacker lately, comment- and feedback-wise but I'm pretty sure that'll get lots better real soon.
Tags: abroad, friends, trips, university
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