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And I feel like I'm living the best week over and over again*

*Title slightly changed from Simple Plan's "Worst Day Ever" ;)

So, I said I would elaborate a bit about this last week that has certainly been the best birthday week in my life (not that I ever had something like that before but you know what I mean ;)).
So, yeah, it was an entire week, although it kind of started off last Tuesday when I finished my June Finals, the results of which rewarded my almost total abandonment of social life during that past month. That same night Liam came up from New Jersey for a last week in Montreal. :) (well, I guess a sad smiley would be more appropriate but there will be more occasions in this entry to use that one)

Thursday night we went out to L’auberge du Dragon Rouge, a medieval restaurant – where I was surprised because all of my friends who were currently in town were there to pre-celebrate my birthday. YAY! We had really good food, were appropriately amused by the very credible ambiance and the authentic staff, and very much confused by the menu written in Old French *lol*.
Such a wonderful evening, not only but also because I was so dreading spending my birthday all alone – yay for friends!

Friday night, all I was told was “I have plans for tonight.” – ummmm... okay – good thing I’m not curious by default… uh huh.
We ended up doing a Ghost Tour through Vieux Montréal which meant strolling through the beautiful old part of the city, “calling” the spirits of people who died like 300 years ago in and around Montreal to tell us their stories – all of that accompanied by guys dressed up as monks who silently paid attention that we wouldn’t get lost. Slightly morbid but definitely a fun experience!

Saturday, we went to La Ronde, an amusement park, mainly to see the fireworks they’ve been hosting every summer for the last 25 years (but we still got to ride some rollercoasters... omg, I'm so in love with rollercoasters, you have noooo idea ;)). Unfortunately, the weather gods weren’t in a good mood, so for most of the time it was pouring and thunderstorms tried to compete with the wonderful fireworks we saw. But although we were soaked by the time we finally hit the metro, it was really awesome and I’m glad that I got a chance to see this spectacle live for once – many of my friends have watched it from a nearby bridge (because La Ronde is situated on an island) but you’d miss out on features like the music, the speaker and the lower fireworks.

Unfortunately, Tuesday started kind of hurtful. On my way home at night (at around 1 am, as usual), I crashed with my bike. People, who know me, know that I’m somewhat clumsy anyway, which is why I didn’t care too much at first (although ending up underneath my bike in the middle of an intersection is kind of scary) and dismissed a nice guy’s offer of help. Yet walking home took very long and my stomach started to hurt more and more. I guess I could have ridden my bike (which, of course, was not damaged at all... that’s how it always goes, right?) but I was way to scared to do so. When I got home, I saw the huge bruises all over my stomach and I knew where the pain came from. There will likely be scars but I am so very glad that it wasn’t my face. And after a look at my shredded backpack, I’m more than happy about my heavy baggage (containing, among other things, my laptop which is still fine, obviously) that protected my back and my head... geez.

So, most of my actual birthday was spent in a thick dabber of painkillers but it was nevertheless a wonderful day. I was blessed to spend it with friends and to get a huge variety of really cool presents – it never ceases to amaze me that even people who’ve known me for only such a short time seem to know me pretty well. There was a huge package from my family, nerdy books for the geek in me, a Starbucks gift card for the addict in me, a yummy brownie cake and soooo much more.
For dinner we went to O.Noir which meant eating in complete darkness. Funnily enough I had to write an assignment for my anthropology class and one of the possible topics was “Have a meal in the dark.” LOL!
We ended the evening with friends and I completely sucked at playing Settlers – oh well ;)

And then Thursday, my roommate Liane, her boyfriend and I went out to eat Mexican – and as the birthday girl I ended up getting free cake (which tasted omg-so-awesome!) and… ahum… a free sombrero… oi. ;)

This concludes a really amazing 10-or-so days that I wouldn’t miss for the world.

In other news (no worries, shorter this time):
  • I finally sent in my CAQ application... but this time I need to wait for them to actually issue it in order to apply for my Study Permit *sighs*
  • I booked my flight to Germany – 2 weeks in August. I went for Air France because I get lots and lots of miles and they let me bring 2 * 23 kg luggage for freeeee!
  • I’m still taking 2 classes and I can tell everyone even considering it: Gah, it’s hell! But it’s also quickly earned credits. ;) And if I want to graduate next spring, it’s definitely worth it :)

That's it so far, guys - I'm still very sorry that I wasn't around more often lately. But I'm pretty sure you can tell that it was worth it - sometimes RL really rocks! <3
*hugs* to all
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