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Baaaaack... I hope ;)

It feels like ages that I’ve posted here for the last time. I “stopped” in mid-July which was, to be honest, a conscious and deliberate decision. My life became overwhelmed with school, so that I felt like I had to stop my social life, which not only includes real life friends (most of whom were on vacation anyway) but unfortunately also my cyber life, mainly consisting of LJ and IMs. Although school has started again, I’m trying to get back into this world although it is harder than I anticipated. My Friends page shortcut button is still something I seem to avoid which makes me sad. I feel disconnected from LJ, my friends and my favorite fandom. I guess it’s gonna take some time to get back into things – I’m just happy about anyone who didn’t delete me from their Friends list. I would not have been able to see any Friends cut notification, so: Thank you!

“What do you do with a B.A. in English?”

As I said, summer school was really hard, I took 2 classes in June and 2 in July. Sometime midway through the first month, it hit me that this will be the last chance to improve my GPA for the upcoming grad school applications. Fortunately, my efforts (and the help from someone really awesome who patiently listened to my whinings) paid off and everything went really well.

This semester I am really excited over my classes because I’m having a lot of fun. Several setbacks during the course selection turned out to be blessings in disguise, so that my current schedule really rocks. There’s a lot of Linguistics (which always gets me nerdily hyper) and a Computational Psychology class which includes a lot of programming in this really ancient language and if you know me only a little bit, then you know that this is like Heaven on Earth for me. :)

As for grad school, I still made no real progress except for signing up for the GREs I need to take. I was surprised to discover that so far all of my favorite schools want to see these scores, not only the ones in the USA (ironically enough, my favorite schools aren’t even in the US, after Columbia and Princeton got themselves kicked off my list). I’m a bit weary in terms of grad school applications. I dread the thought of moving, even if it means getting to a new really cool place – and not only are my chances of staying at McGill slim, it might also not be a wise decision, especially academically but also personally. I’m applying nevertheless and we’ll see how things go. ;)

“I wish I could go back to college”

After school ended in early August, I went back to Germany for two weeks. I had a lot of fun, especially seeing my parents, but of course also other family members and friends from high school and university. I was surprised that many people I hardly had contact with were so excited and eager to meet up with me. There is this one girl, Linda, who I was actually never particularly close to. Yet on my last day, she walked me home and we talked for hours about what’s been happening in my personal life during these last couple of months. And it felt good to talk to someone who doesn’t know or care for all the different people involved except for me – I don’t remember the last time I talked so much and had actually someone just listen. This probably sounds super selfish but it definitely helped to think, get a lot of stuff off my chest and made me smile again. :)

At the same time, by halfway through my vacation, I started to miss Montreal a lot. I was so sick of being here just before I left (mainly annoyed with the Canadian government and very much with McGill), but, come on, ridiculously high prices for maple syrup, ordering in German at Starbucks – something is really wrong with my home country. ;)
So I was excited to go back and I hope that this happiness will last for the next couple of months. :)

Pics from my trip (if you haven't already seen them on facebook) are here. At some point I might even annotate them.

“The More You Ruv Someone”

Part of this heartache that I needed to talk about was the constant fight I had with my former best friend. It was so hard to come back to Leipzig and not being able to see her. I didn’t even try to meet up because the mere thought of another e-mail of the kind she’s been sending me in July hurt real bad. I’m not used to people I love hating me so much. I’m not used to not being able to fix things. Even though her words cut really deep, I’d forgive her in an instant – I’m notorious for giving people 2nd, 3rd and even 27th chances if they mean this much. But I guess it’s over.

"There Is Life Outside Your Apartment"

Then again, dwelling on what I lost isn’t getting me anywhere. Nor is studying 24/7. So I joined a couple of fun groups, like an Ultimate team - yay, I'm so excited about that. Soon there’ll be Activities Night on campus, so we’ll see what else is out there. :)
Ooooh, and I joined the McGill gym. Which is where you guys come into play (if you made it this far at all ;))...

“Mix Tape”

I need good working out music. That means anything loud and up-tempo that gets you guys going, preferably (progressive) rock and dance/techno (yes, I know…). My playlist so far has some stuff by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Metallica, Deep Purple as well as Cascada and Groove Coverage. If you have any good ideas (whether songs or bands) along these lines, let me know. You don’t need to upload the stuff (although you can, of course ;)), iTunes is my friend.

“If you were gay”

Aaaaand… I started vidding again. On the plane. Which was so much fun. I brought my biiiiig hard drive from Germany, so I have enough space for all my Lois & Clark episodes, the Batman movies and some more stuff promising Christian Bale / Dean Cain eye candy. Let’s hope I’ll find the time to actually continue working – any nagging is more than welcome.

"For Now"

This is all I could think of so far. There were some funny incidents in the last couple of weeks that I felt like sharing but I guess I’ll wait until I have caught up on things here.

*hugs* to f-list.
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