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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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"And I am here still waiting..."
general: book store - shiny!
How could I miss that?!? They made a movie out of one of my favorite books and I didn't notice? Granted, I was in Germany when it premiered and there it didn't even start yet. But... omg - yay!

When I read this book last summer, I was instantly rapt by how wonderfully it was written, by how the author managed to tell a story that could easily slide into kitsch in such an honest and credible yet breathtaking and fascinating manner.
And now I watched the trailer and I get goosebumps all over again. I started squeeing like mad when I heard the music for the trailer - I'd recognize this song even if I was in coma, it's just so entirely awesome, and hearing it now for an actual trailer is getting me so excited. And, seriously, this guy... he's yum. I'm so glad they didn't use someone super famous - or maybe I'm just oblivious to what's going on in Hollywood these days.

So, yes - I will definitely go as soon as I can. Of course, there are hardly any theatres playing it in Montreal at this point *sighs*. But... OMG! This book. This song. This movie! :D

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do you want a link to watch it online?

I've got another lousier-in-quality one if it doesn't work.

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