schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

This would explain A LOT of my weird behavior...

So I was chatting with my friend in preparation for next week's exam...

Alex: Do you know all the definitions for the midterm yet? It's sooo much. Synaptic transmission, psychophysics, specificity coding...
Jana: Yeah, I think I'm fairly okay with most of them...
Alex: I hate you... ^^ So...... what is specificity coding?
Jana: There was this concept of 'grandmother cells'...
Alex: Uh huh...
Jana: and they did these experiments where they found that some people had specific neurons that responded only to pictures of Halle Berry...
Alex: Right
Jana: ... or even only her name or even only Catwoman. Ya know... one might say that I have a Batman neuron (sorry, could not resist)
Alex: Actually, I was gonna say you have a Batman hemisphere. :D
Jana: ...
Alex: and the cells in it fire constantly at random moments ^^

I wish I didn't agree. ;)

This explains the (very debatable) concept a bit better than I did. And here is an article about said Halle Berry cell. ;)
Tags: bats, university
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