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F-cut - oh how I hate these...

Just quickly:
I made a pretty big f-cut because half of my f-list consisted of people who seem to be only my friends because they want me to be able to read their fic. Since I hardly do that anymore due to time constraints, I did them and myself a favor and cut the strings, thereby decluttering both of our f-lists.

A part of me is sad because it feels like losing friends... as pathetic as this may seem.

I'm really sorry if I cut you and you took it personally. Then again, I actually only cut people who never respond here anyway (and not even all of them), so chances are you won't even see this post. No hard feelings, I have people that I have nothing to say to on my f-list, too.
Let me know if I cut you and you don't understand because you thought we were best buddies or something like that. I don't see how that could have happened but you never know. ;)

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