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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Up, up and away....
general: fly away
Well, not now. But I just booked my flight for Spring Break Reading Week in February 2010 - I'll spend a wonderful week in Singapura!
And I am sooooo ridiculously excited, although it'll probably mean spending most of my days in the library. And eating oh-so-much awesome Asian food! :D
Sadly, within that week I cannot leave the country for a quick hop over to Thailand, but I'll make good for that in June and July. :)

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Ohhh, Singapore? The food there is great. Don't forget to try the rice with chicken! :D Don't know what it's called over there but in Thai it's ข้าวมันไก่. Simply dilicious but the good one is quite expensive.

And totally looking forward to your coming to Thailand next year! :D

Hehehe - thanks for the advice, I'll look for it! :)
And yeah, I've heard that Singaporeans are simply obsessed with food. Seems like my kind of country. ;)

And yay for Thailand next year. I don't know any specifics yet... just that I'll probably leave Canada in early June (maybe forever, maybe just for the summer) and I wanna trip around in (South East) Asia for 4 - 6 weeks or so... Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, maybe India. Can't wait! :)

Ooh, Asian food = yummy. I love noodle/veggie dishes. *is vegetarian, and really loves veggie stuff* Hope you have fun eating it! :D

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