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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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You took the words right out of my mouth... OR: The Dark Knight is Confused
batman: headdesk
Yes yes, this will forever and for always be my favorite movie. But... but...
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That was pretty damn funny. :D I agree, I love it, but...man, how did the Joker do all that!? I love his day planner, lol. And "let's call a truce, so you can explain this to...Batman," :D

Haha, yesss!
I actually stilled the day planner pic...

"Buy Nurse Outfit"
"hire idiots for bank job"
"practice pencil trick"


LOLOLOL!! I laughed so hard. It's quite difficult to catch what they said in some parts but overall I understand it just fine.

Isn't it too cool? :D

And I agree on the language issue.
TDK was my very first only-English movie and to this day there are still parts that I don't understand 100%, even after watching it like 7 times in the movies and about 20 times on DVD. ;)
And of course same with this vid... but damn, it's so funny!

lol! That's great. (And nice job on the "Batman Forever" line with the record-scratching... although, come to think, the Alfred record-scratching scene was from Batman Returns. Ah well.)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Of course, none of the TDK plot holes mentioned here hold a candle to the giant vortex of plot holes that was the microwave thingy from Batman Begins.

I keeled over laughing. And I loved TDK as well, although Batman Begins is my favourite movie of all time, but the plot holes were pretty glaring, I must admit.

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