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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Christmas-induced Hibernation...
christmas/winter: snoopy
With the my final grades for this year having come in (for the first time I cried out of happiness about my transcript ;)), now seems to be a good time to go to sleep for a few weeks. This was planned, has practical as well as personal reasons and I totally intend to be back once school starts again, i.e. early January. Knowing myself, I might be lurking around but if you see me here, please kick my ass to go offline again. ;)
If you (or someone else for that matter) post something (fic, drawings, memes, etc.) that you think I should see, just leave me a note - I'll try to catch up on my f-list anyway but... you know how these things go. ;)

And I hope to be back with a couple of new vids - I've been having very specific ideas for months now and I should have a lot of time on my hands over the holidays.

I wish all of you wonderful days and (should we not speak to each other before) and happy new year!

*hugs* all around

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Merry christmas and an happy new year, m' dear!

Happy holidays to you! :)

before you went into sleep-(hibernation?) for weeks, I just wanted to thank you tons for your lovely card. Found it in the mail this morning and... despite the fact that I'm appaled you gave up french (c'est pas bien, ça!) I'm very much happy you're allright.

Hope your adress hasn't changed so my card will find your mailbox. If not, wishing you a wonderful & magical new year. All the best for a serene and successful 2010!


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