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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Me and my intellectually challenging job...
Today's work assignment: SHOPPING! Woot!

On my list, I had two "normal" Bob the builder helmets (one for a child, one for an adult, possibly not too expensive) and one "mini" helmet. For a squirrel. Yeah, right. That's exactly what I thought as well. *nods*

So, the first two helmets weren't too complicated. I went to a big department store and there they had cheap yellow helmets which were only about a tenth of the original price - experience in shopping without much money pays off from time to time ;)

But then, there was the question of what to do with the squirrel. So, I left and went to another store and the next and so forth... The last but one shop was a toy store and I was sooo sure, they must have plenty of stuff around Bob the builder. I mean, even if there are no special-squirrel-head-helmets, there should be Bob puppets where you can cut the helmet off or something... Nope, not at all.

Geez... so I gave up and went to the hardware store (yeah, great, you never have this kind of vocabulary when you need it... when I talked to Emily on the phone, I was like: "Well, yeah... tool store... or something... you know what I mean..."), I had to buy some seeds and soil for my granny's birthday. While strolling through the halls, something yellow caught my eye... woohoo... they have helmets there (yeah, at a hardware store, who would have thought...). And what did I find there? This kind of masks you put in front of your mouth so that you don't inhale dust. Not exactly what Michael Jackson wears but kind of ;)
I fetched my squirrel puppet to see whether it fits and how it looks and from what I can say, it looks absolutely gorgeous!
Painted in yellow, I'm sure, they'll make a great squirrel-head helmet :D
I really need to take a foto of it when we're done with the study.

BTW: Actually, we had about the coolest idea ever when thinking about children's TV "heroes": Why not giving the squirrel a nice red cape? I might be kind of biased, but *that* was actually my favorite :)

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Wait wait... you're telling me that your job is to put helmets on squirrels? I mean... you are basically dressing them up like little people??

Where do I sign up for this? I'm a big fan of dressing small animals up like people.

Lol, yeah, that's part of the game ;)
The other thing is to go to the kindergarten, telling them that the squirrel is called Max and he's only supposed to play when he waers the helmet. And then hope that they're protesting if he breaks this rule.
Confusing? Yes, it is ;)
But the job is still great: I'm spending all day playing with children, doing handicrafts and listen to clever people explaining what goes on in children's minds.

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