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Hello from Hong Kong!

Not that I have anything of importance to say but this is the first time that I have internet at an airport. And frankly, I have nothing to do online but checking out the currency exchange rates for HK$ (CAD 1 for HKD 7.5 - no wonder that the prices for wine at the duty free shop shocked me).

Soooo... the worst of my flights is done and I have to say that the 15 hours flight from Chicago to here were surprisingly pleasant, safe for the food (or lack thereof) and the guy who kept sneezing in my neck. But I slept when I was "supposed" to (in order to avoid jet lag), I watched the silly but relaxing Love Happens and the very cute Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Oh, annnnd I got some schoolwork done - yay! ;)

So, five more hours and I should be in the Lion City by midnight. :D
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