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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Flight and airport observations
coffee: MacBook + coffee
The last leg on my 24-hour way back to Montreal is ahead of me. I was totally counting on Tokyo for free internet but no such luck. However, my layover here is quite long and I had an AmEx gift card that I'd never use anyway and I needed to contact some people about my whereabouts since, for some reason, I have no phone access. :(
Add a Dark Cherry Mocha (there's a Starbucks right in front of my gate... coincidence? I think not) and you can see how this is the perfect end for a just as perfect study break - and of course a welcome way to waste 3 hours.

No matter how much I like the US, I always dread going there, especially if it's only for transit. You have to go get your luggage and re-check it *again*, even if your trip neither starts nor ends in the USA. And, of course, immigration is just a pain if you don't have a North-American passport.
Germany is part of the visa waiver program, so that we can stay for 90 days without special permission. But still immigration officers will give you a hard time. I understand that ridiculous questions such as "Were you involved in 1940-1945 persecution associated with the Nazis?" (why yes, when I was -40 years old) or "Are you planning to engage in espionage?" (dang, I wish you hadn't asked) are just part of the routine. However, disclosing personal information like the number of tooth brushes I bring (because, you know, you can't buy new ones in the States...) or how much underwear I packed is just... none of their business?
And now I was even "immigrating" (remember, for a 5-hour stay) with a stamp from a Muslim country in my passport... uh oh.
Luckily, residency in Canada has made this process a bit easier... come on, who would trade Montreal for Chicago? ;)

But I'm a bit sad that I only had so little time in Tokyo this morning (?) and no chance to leave the airport for a quick trip to the city. However, I spent my time there reading for school and watching the airfield.
I love planes and flying so much, and I'm always amazed by all the buzziness going on when a plane lands.
The bridge connects with so much precision, workers quickly arrive to fuel up again, mechanics walk around the plane to check any obvious damage on the jets and the engine, the checked-baggage baggage gets unloaded (heee! In Singapore they put a nice plastic bag around by pwetty red backpack, to keep the straps from getting tangled up - for me that means that it won't get dirty), trucks bring new food for the next flight.

Seriously... I love flying. :)

Thankies for the comments, btw, I'll get back to you guys once I recover from jet lag and have settled back to a normal routine.
Oh, and on a dorky note: I felt like I had to get myself something souvenir-y, so I bought some chopsticks. There are bats on them. And I swear I did not notice that before the cashier lady commented on them. I just took them 'cuz they were pwetty. Yes yes!
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Going through US borders is never easy for anyone, even as a Canadian. It's like they don't want anyone to come into their country at all. It's ridiculous that they fingerprint almost everyone too.

Er, hello! I came across your LJ from the denglish community, and you seem interesting. I'm a Canadian who has a large affection in Germany, and I am always interested in people who are intensely curious about Canada. I will add you to my friends list :)

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