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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Participants needed for study - could I steal 10 minutes of your time?
general: no idea
Hey f-list!

Most of you know that I’m doing a minor in Linguistics. For this term I’m doing a project on... well, I wish I could tell you but that would ruin the purpose of my study. But I'll tell you later in case you're interested.

However, I would very much appreciate (and give you lots of cookies) if you could help me and go to the link below. The questionnaire should take only about 10 minutes and, well, you would help me a lot. :)


I could use anybody’s answers, the only exclusion criterion would be if you have knowledge about linguistics that goes beyond an introductory level.
If English is not your first language or you’re bilingual, that’s totally fine. If you can read this post, you’re good to go.

Thank you so much!

PS: If you’re worried about your privacy, you can just give me your nick- or some other fake name where it asks for your name.
PPS: And yes, I'm aware of the poor formatting... I had too much fun writing the silly stories to bother with pretty fonts or funky web design ;)

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clicked, answered, gave a silly fake name. Sadly, could not help being a fangirl, and so my answers might be invalid because of excessive comments. Sowwies, it couldn't be helped.

Haha - your answers made me giggle so much!

(Btw, the one question that didn't make sense was the "test sentence" that puts you in a category of either "native-like proficient / bilingual" or "just" second-language learner... and also to see if people pay attention and not just give me any name they read.
/is mean.
So, good job for catching it! :))

Thanks for the help!

I did it, and I gave it to my boyfriend too. :)

Good luck with it! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks a bunch, Anna (and John!) :D
That was really of great help. It's so hard to get bilinguals and native-speakers of a language other than English...


I answered the questions. But maybe I should've waited until I was properly awake... ;)

Woohoo!!! My first "late bilingual" - yay! :D

And your answers look good! :)

Btw... I have a phone interview with the folks in Nijmegen next week! Heeee, so excited!!! :)

Glad to be of service. :D

And good luck with your interview. If you need any help, just holler. :)

answered but... I think I should've done it tomorrow, just after waking up and not when my bedtime's long overdue. <-- just in case you wonder who the swiss cheese-like answers are from. ;p

Hehehe, I totally recognozed your answers... made me grin :D

Thanks a lot for the help!

well, thanks, I try. Am abashed that I got so easily démasquée-ed! *g*

But glad it made you laugh! :)

Also, because you asked and I didn't wanna spam that other girl's thread:
I'm fine. Busy as usual with school but fine. Still applying to grad school and what not. We'll see. ;)
Hope you're doing fine yourself! :)

I'm busy as well and stressed, I have to admit. Isn't it silly that I can't handle stress anymore when I used to thrive on it?

Hope your grad school things will turn out fine & tthe way you expected them. **touching everything woody**


I'm getting to this late--and I don't qualify anyway, I think. Since I've created my own languages, the language construction kit gave me a rather thorough beginning foundation of linguistics, plus I took a class in it at college. But I'm really curious to hear what all of it was about/for. :)

*wonders if further down the f-list she'll find out* Man, am I ever behind on this! *sighs*

Hummm.... it depends on if you dealt with syntax beyond an intro level. We have LING 200 and 201 here and they didn't teach us about what I'm looking at here. And we haven't reached the point in Syntax I yet... so who knows how well known these things are. However, if you know about subjacency and wh-islands, you might know what my study is about. There was a famous study by de Vlilliers, Roeper and Vainikka in 1990 that I'm replicating... about a boy who tells his father when he hurt himself.
And if you don't know what I'm talking about at this point, you should be good to go. ;)

And I haven't posted my results yet as I'm still collecting. However, I have 330 subjects at this point and my results look interesting (albeit expected and predictable), so my inflated ego is eying for a first-author publication... ;)
(which is probably the only reason why I put so much effort in a 30% 6-page paper for a class that gave me full marks on a proposal full of typos and incomplete sentences :P)

Edited at 2010-03-22 01:25 am (UTC)

Lol, well . . . I wouldn't call that bit of linguistics just "beyond introductory level". But then I don't know linguistics. I feel like I know at least the introductory level, but the stuff you're talking about isn't something I've even seen mentioned before, so I'll give it a shot. :)

Hehehe, well... I heard from other LING students that the study is famous, so some talked about it in Intro class. And I expect it to pop up in Syntax 1 which is a required class here for LING freshmen, even for minors. ;)

And I know I shouldn't say this but I just got your data and I love your answers. :D You did what I hope my English-monolinguals would do and my English-learners won't do (that is, long distance movement) - yay!

Lol, I had to read very carefully because the questions were so complicated, and I found one of the ones very tricky to sort out, but you can ask me on IM later if you're curious which. As for how famous it is, well, I guess the class I took must have been introductory. My university doesn't have a linguistics major, so . . . yeah, I'd guess the class I took was only introductory. *grins sheepishly* You brought my inflated opinion of myself back down to size. ;)

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