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Quick Update

Today was the interview and it was... awkward. I'm so much more used to North-American small talk than German get-to-the-point-and-don't-waste-my-time-ness. I have no idea if the lady who interviewed me, my proposed supervisor, thinks I'm capable, smart or at least nice. And I won't know for sure before the end of May. However, they will have me fly in to visit the institute, pay for the airfare and a hotel. Sounds good so far, right?

Also, I totally forgot to mention that I started another job for the remaining 1.5 months here. It's very similar to what I did back in Germany, going to day cares, playing with little kids, doing experiments with them. It's great experience and while the long commutes take up a lot of time, it's also a nice chance to see parts of Montreal I hadn't seen before. And I love kids so much. =)

So, things are going fine. Busy but fine.
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