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Rant ahead

Yes, I know that this is not news but it hasn't come up yet on my f-list. Granted, most of you are Non-Europeans (wavies to judosas , cyad , annabtg , laxphimia  and whoever I may have missed), so I don't know how much the rest of the world is aware of the logistic chaos that's happening right now in Europe.

The volcano eruption in Iceland halted all airports in Germany and UK and probably most of France, Italy and Scandinavia.
Thousands of people are trapped because without a visa they're not allowed to leave the airport.
Hardly anybody is able to go to the funeral of the Polish president (and about 90% of Poland's political elite) who died in a plane crash a couple of days ago, as political leaders cannot leave their countries by anything but car or train. (Or are, in the case of the German chancellor, not able to even get into their own country)
4 German soldiers have been wounded and are now sitting in Turkey because they can't go back to Germany to get their much-needed surgeries.
I have a flight in less than 2 weeks -- to London, no less -- and I can only hope that by then airports will be open again.
Meteorologists say that there's no way of knowing when the volcanoes stop erupting and when the ash cloud has dissipated enough to allow for air travel. It can be anything from days to years.
Also, flight regulations prohibit landings and departure at night time, so even if the situation clears up (no pun intended), it'll take weeks for flights to run on schedule again.

But, of course, the Pope was allowed to fly out to Malta and give a speech, defending the priests who, as "just" (yeah, right...) got known to the media (but was long known to about anybody who deals with clerics), have openly sexually abused children for years. I'm sick to my stomach.

Yes, there was nothing even remotely interesting in this post, except for my ranting about two topics that could not be more different in nature.
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