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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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I have no words...
christmas/winter: cold bear
... besides: Welcome to end of April in Canada. ;)


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i heard about it in the radio this morning.

Hehehe, it's craaaaazy. Luckily, I have to study for exams anyway and it's more bearable with this bad weather than if it was sunny and warm ;)

that was my mindset too! of course, now it's back to gorgeous spring weather again and all I want to do is going out and enjoy it.... it's proving very difficult to focus on studying. *sigh*

Ohhh, looks so much cold. I don't think I'll survive if I go out there. Take care of yourself na! :)

You should come to Florida; it's gorgeous here! ;)

Oh, brrrrrrr, that looks cold. Please tell me it's warmed up by now?

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