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Do you remember when I told you about this autism vacation trip?

And that I didn’t “get” a child then?

Well, a week or so after that first meeting, they called me and told me that they found someone for me: His name’s Florian, 7 years old. When I got to know him, I was really in awe because he was so sweet. I mean, sure, he’s still an autistic, needs diapers in the night and has a hard time to concentrate – but he was so inquisitive, asked a lot of question, how things work, what other people think and so on.

I was really looking forward to this trip which is going to start on Sunday.

Unfortunately, I won’t be among the people.

Tuesday this week, I got a call from the autism organisation. The parents of Florian have cancelled his trip because he wouldn’t want to come. His school is starting soon, thus he doesn’t want to spend this last week with people he doesn’t know and doesn’t trust.

I mean, I realised when I met his that he is pretty shy around strangers, he don’t want to be with other children. But I asked the parents whether we should have another meeting, so that he gets a chance to get to know me better. They were like: “Well, that’ll go away eventually…”

Apparently it didn’t. Flori definitely doesn’t want to go. The people asked me whether I would still like to come. All my friends expected me to agree. I mean, one week at a farm, eating for free and stuff.

I mean, the other possibility would be staying up late, getting up early and dying from boredom at work.

I think, you can tell what I chose…


So, it’s all work next week. I just finished my very first mini study (going to kindergarten all by myself), so I’m free for Max’s sally ;)

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