schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

Wavies from Dubai! :)

So, here I am at the Dubai airport, waiting for the plane that'll finalize my return to Europe. It feels strange to think that I will very likely not step into a plane for another year -- I really love flying and my passport will wonder what happened, no new funky stamps.

My flights today are with Emirates which is supposed to be right below Singapore Airlines (= the best airline in the world, or so they say) and so far I've been veeeeery happy with them (of course, they gain from the direct comparison with my last couple of flights which were with Air Asia and Air Bagan...), a very worthy end of my trip and my life abroad. :)

I'm very much looking forward to going back home but part of me thinks "Why now? Now that I've just gotten used to the heat and the spicy food..." It feels like part of me is still in South-East Asia, hopping between Thailand (for the food, the cheap prices and the beaches) and Singapore (for the cleanness, the order and the comfort), and it'll take a bit to get used to Europe again. (As much as I crave "Western" food)
Tags: trips
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