schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

Travel Diary: South East Asia - Introduction

Of course, I'm still very much not done reviewing and uploading the (combined) 800 pictures that Ry and I took on our trip through South East Asia but as my time off has finally started (with close to nothing to do besides fun stuff), I expect to finish by the end of next week. At the very latest.
So I will be posting several entries telling you about all the cool things we saw and did and experienced. I'll try to summarize each city in one entry and to limit the pictures I post to 5 - 8 per entry and link you to the rest of them. And of course I'll LJ-cut it for length (after all right now I'm also suffering from dial-up-internetitis).

The stats:
Distance traveled overall (not including the flight from Montreal to Singapore and back to Germany): 7874 km (4892 miles)
5 countries
16 cities
32 days
(And to give you some perspective: less than $1000 US spent ;))

Tags: trips
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