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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Piercings anyone?
general: spock
I was wondering if anyone on my f-list has piercings that go beyond "the usual" earlobe ones. I have a couple of question, experiences, advice etc.


(PM is fine, I realize that some of them might not exactly be dinnertable conversation topics ;))

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I have gage'd by ears to size 10 but that is about all the experience I have.

Whoa, really? Well, while this is not on my list (seriously, my lobes are so small... it'd rather grow out or rip) I'm already glad I made this post because I had no idea you had gage'd ears - cool!

May I ask a silly question? Does it hurt?

Well 10g isn't all that big. Most people naturally have 18g. I slowly stretched mine to 10g. Here is a picture to help you see how big it actually is:


(Which isn't big at all really...) You can go to about a size 2g and not have to worry about permanent damage (AKA if you do any size above that and leave your earrings out for a week or two it will grow back to a normal size.)

Anyway... you asked if it hurt. Because you go so slowly it really doesn't hurt that much. The worst for me was the one from 18g to 16g (you go two sizes at a time). It hurt about like your ears do when you first pierce them. The only time they felt sore was when I slept at night or had to turn them. You also have to take care of them like a new piercing every time you stretch them.

So I basically stretched them every 2-3 weeks until I got to size 10g. I was going to go further but then I bought all these cute earrings that I loved so I stopped. LOL

I think most people think of plugs when they think of gage'd earrings but that isn't really the case anymore. It was earrings like this that won me over to the idea: http://www.etsy.com/listing/53079923/small-fishhook-wood-organic-earrings-brn?ref=sr_gallery_11&ga_search_query=plugs&ga_search_type=&ga_page=3&order=&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title

Anyway. I'll stop rambling now!

Ahaha the ones I linked you are actually fake ones. XD They are made for normal ears... but that is what they look like for gage'd ears as well (and they look better than the fake but... yeah)

(Deleted comment)
Oooh ooooooh! You have a helix one? Very cool! One like that is definitely gonna pretty up my ear by next week.
Did it take long to heal? Did you have problems with it? I mean, I've heard horror stories that it can get really iffy since it's not actual flesh (as compared to the lobes)... :S

dunno if it counts at all, but I have a piercing on one of my ears, at the top, in the cartilage... It hurt more than normal earlobes, but relatively speaking, it didn't hurt much at all... (and nope, I haven't worn anything in there for yeaaaaaaaars, and hence you might never have seen that I had a piercing there)

Yeah, I remember you telling me about it at some point.

Thanks for the info on the hurting - yeah, people said that it hurts more but it's good to know that it's not like... I dunno... wisdom teeth surgery (it's not, right? :P).

Is the hole still there, i.e. is it permanent?

no, no, it really didn't hurt as much as pulling wisdom teeth out. It pinched for half a second, and then my ear felt warm the rest of the day... and it hurt when I touched it or slept on it, but it was a dull pain, nothing bad at all. Mind you, I'm not fragile much, because the second piercing on my earlobe on that same ear, I pierced that myself using the little stud that had been used to pierce my ears the first time. lol

The hole is still there, just like all the ones in my earlobes, even though I don't wear anything in any of them. None of them have closed completely and if I tried, I could totally wear earrings in them again... I'd still wear a stud in that one, really, only it wasn't really done well (long story, hard to explain) and it's just annoying to have something in it now. Heh.

Breat. but took it out over a year after i had done it. it was such a pain to do it but worth it. when i had it a year i finally wanted some other jewellery in it, thought it was healed up because there were no problems, but then the probs did start. i better took it out to avoid inflammations etc. etc.

Breast. but took it out over a year after i had done it. it was such a pain to do it but worth it. when i had it a year i finally wanted some other jewellery in it, thought it was healed up because there were no problems, but then the probs did start. i better took it out to avoid inflammations etc. etc.

I don't have any piercings so can't contribute any info on what it's like.

I did want to mention someting my mom noted to me once--her work, for instance, has strict dress codes--people can't have any visible piercings other than earrings, no visible tattoos, etc., so you'll want to be sure that that will never be a problem for you before you go do it. (I also don't recommend piercing one's tongue--it can actually damage nerves and stuff permanently. There are some other areas--I won't go into--that aren't wise to pierce, though people do it. Ears at least are just cartilage, no life-or-death functions there.) Tattoos are worse because you can't just take it out like you can a ring, so I feel sorry for people who get one and later want to work somewhere that bars them. (Her coworkers who do have a tattoo on a visible location--like the back of the hand--have to wear a bandaid to cover it up as long as they're at work--if they get the job in the first place.)

Sorry to be the negative voice here; I just wanted you to be aware of possible implications. Of course, given as how you're across the pond, that may not be an issue over there. *shrugs*

Hey, never apologize for differing views. ;)

I actually thought of the work thing. It's actually not much different in Europe than in the US - and even if it were, I don't see my future on this side of the ocean anyway. ;)
My intended "trade" in academia/research isn't too concerned with how your face looks but with what's behind it... but I took that into consideration and don't want to go for anything too visible/extreme.
I would have loved to go for a tongue piercing but I agree that the risks (nerves and muscles) are not outweighing the gains.

And yup, I also agree with tattoos. I might wanna get some at some point but that'll be in the veeeeery distant future and on bodyparts that can be easily covered, in case I end up hating them.

Thanks for your input! :D

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