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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Don't go partying with me...
general: music velvet_goldmine
... Or you might end up like poor lil' Con at 4 am, completely exhausted while I still felt like going on foreverrrr.

(well, in my defense, she was also extremely wasted and probably slightly stoned, so maybe it wasn't all my fault ;))

In other news: I'm home, I have internet again (weee!) and I'm really glad about all that. And of course you'll get comments on your stuff soon :)

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Nice pic. The new haircut suits you well. :)

Welcome home - physically and on the 'net.

Speaking of which, I just got home, too (though from not so far away) to find a lovely postcard from exotic Myanmar. Very cool and totally unexpected. Thank you! :)

Thankies for the compliments! :)

I'm really glad to see you up and running here. For some time (probably while you were gone) I was a bit worried cause you hadn't updated in a while.
And of course you're very welcome for the postcard - unexpected is what I was going for... ya know, I never do what people expect me to do and vice versa. :P

I haven't posted because I haven't had anything really new to say. Also, I decided to leave Dreamwidth because, while I greatly appreciate the site's features and management style, being around the people there was doing me more harm than good. But I've gotten used to cross-posting from DW, and it feels a little weird to go back to posting to just LJ. So, instead, I've pretty much confined myself to tweeting - what little I do have to say tends to fit into 140 chars anyway.

For the record, now that you've made this amazing trip around most of the globe, I totally in no way expect you to turn around and fly back to North America anytime soon. Shame, that.

Well, I certainly hope that you'll join us back here on LJ, one way or another. Also, I'll try to get my head around twitter... I think. Maybe. Now that I've learned that using my phone online doesn't cost a fortune... ;)

As for the trip... it's true, isn't it? I just realized that I've started a big globe-hug in May when I left Germany for Canada and then went via Asia back here... fancy that.
However, I do plan on going back to North-America. Quite possibly for good at some point but I certainly hope to make a quick visit once every other year. And, ya know, I'm very partial to the East coast (of both countries), so I'll keep you posted. :)

Took me a while to get into Twitter, myself. But, really, it's just multicast IM. I use an external program that lets me keep track of several "channels" if I want, and I've got columns for updates from actual people and from various media outlets and such. A lot of it's boring and pointless, but there are nice tidbits that pop up from time to time. And there are some fun accounts like @darthvader and @god_damn_batman. Hmm. May have to add @supermantweets, too...

Oh, and you can find out about stuff like, say, my attempts to bend steel with my bare hands!

lol, globe hug. But still... very cool and exciting.

And... darn it. Now I do expect you back on the East Coast of North America soon-ish. Which means you won't be, right?

Well, that's okay. Because that means I don't expect it to happen. *whew* ;)

Internet is yay. :D Glad you're home safely. :)

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