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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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On stuff
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This is very much one of those lame "So this is what's been going on, what's going and what's gonna be going on" post... because I'm bored and because I don't think I've updated you on... well... goings-on in a while. ;)

I'm at my parents' place now where I'll be staying for another 5 weeks until I move to the Netherlands for the next 3 or 4 years. Well, more or less, I'm leaving for Nijmegen for 5 days next Monday. I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing there but, in theory, my list of activities is quite long. I need to get Dutch residency (which is hopefully just a formality - yay EU!), a bank account, health insurance, a cell phone and... oh yeah... a place to live! :P
I've been looking for weeks and talked to a few people and it seems like the whole market is pretty much either government-owned, so you have to wait for years to find a place, or ruled by real estate agents who ask for insane commissions in addition to a fee enabling you to even search their databases. It's quite annoying but I guess I'll go the latter route, hoping that I'll find a place good enough for 3 years, so that the commission won't hurt so much anymore if you see it as a monthly add-on to your rent.
Anyhow, I really hope to still have internet at that place I'm staying next week. It is a really cheap deal, too, and I'd totally stay there for longer if they let me. :P

When I'm coming back, I'll do an "internship" at my Dad's workplace. Yeah, I know how this looks and it's exactly that. Well... I told my parents that I'm super bored at home and that I don't want to just sit around, sleep in until 1 pm and all that crap that comes with being between jobs. I looked for social stuff, like daycares and whatnot, but many are closed over the summer or only take you if you've gone through vocational training.
So now I'll join my Dad who works as an engineer at the municipal utility company and I will... um... actually, I have no clue what I'll be doing. Probably scanning maps, data input and such fun. ;) Gives me something to do and he finally gets done things he never has time for.

Okay... this is all, I think. After a day of dissembling my parents' living room (they're getting hardwood floors and their walls painted next week while I'm gone -- good timing! ;)) which involved great fun playing with the electrics, I'm feeling sore-ish and will retire to the couch and spend the rest of the night taking over the world in Civ IV. (Which reminds me that I wanted to ask: Anyone else into Civ? Gosh, this game is so addicting! I'd totally be up for an online game. :))
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Wow, the housing situation there sounds pretty nasty! Good luck finding a good place. :)

I always have a ton of stuff to do if I'm not at work. The only problem is deciding *which* project to work on next. But work is good for the money part of things. :D (And it's interesting, so yay for that.) Glad you'll be able to keep yourself busy helping your dad out. :)

I have a sneaking fondness for Civ II MGE--yes I'm stuck in the past. *g* But I didn't like Civ III--what I saw of it--and my computers are old enough that I'm not sure how well Civ IV would run on them, so . . . I'll stick with the game I know. :)

Did you get any of my PMs? About the Batman book and the German Cinderella movie?

Thankies! :)

And lol... I'm surprised that you have an old computer... for some reason I pictured you having something state-of-the-art-y ;) (And a Mac but now that I think of it, I don't know how my mind came up with that ;))

And as for the PMs: Yup, got them. Sorry that I didn't answer sooner but I will later today. :)

Lol, well, my computer was new once . . . it's now a laptop that's at . . . four years old this fall, I think, which is old enough that you start having some trouble with the new graphics on games and stuff. I also use the one that used to be my brother's, which was the same age--that's more the family one for playing movies and stuff--and also the one I play games on the few times I get to playing a game, since mine is always doing more important things than games. *g*

And a Mac? I really have no idea where you got that one, lol. (To be honest, I can't stand to use a Mac, thanks to the way they're designed. I like Windows XP first; second to that is definitely Ubuntu or its relatives. If it weren't that I have too many programs which only run on Windows I'd probably switch right over.) *is amused by the improbability of me having a Mac*

All righty, I'll look for your reply tonight when I get home from work. :)

Good luck with everything! :)

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