schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

Concert: Chris de Burgh open-air!

I was really glad to discover that this guy is not only in Europe a big name because he seriously rocks! (No pun intended... really!)
My Dad had given my mom tickets for an open-air concert because she's a really big fan and this was truly a dream coming true for her. Sadly he couldn't go, so I was thrilled to take his ticket. :D

The concert was really great! I just hope that Chris knew what he was getting himself into, performing in Northern Germany which is notorious for being rather quite, serious and not easy to excite. For most of the concert the atmosphere was rather awkward but that didn't seem to bother him. He performed mainly songs from his current album Footsteps, consisting mainly of cover versions, such as Without You...

(Ahum... the snippet is very short, the marshals weren't too thrilled that I was filming during the concert... ooops)

However, later he played some of his old gems which certainly helped the people to loosen up a bit. ;)

I was a bit sad that he didn't sing my absolute favorites (Borderline and *omg* The head and the heart which is close to my all time favorite song ever) but it was a wonderful experience nonetheless! :D

Tags: music
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