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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Meme: Say Cheese!
batman: click
I'm bored tonight, so I was an easy target for this meme which I got from htbthomas . Of course, I had to realize that doing it won't help for toooo long as all it took was clicking a single button in PhotoBooth and... that was it.

This is the meme. When you see this, you're tagged. Take a pic of yourself right now, no cheating, no primping. Post it.

Boy... these earrings *shudder* I mean, yes, I like them, they're just... a bit big. /goes looking for small curly ones.
(And you can't see but that dark stuff in my hair... it's not the roots, it's blue. ;))
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So chic! I could never pull off that look. ♥

Hehehe, thanks! ♥

And also thanks for posting the meme, you're my eternal meme heroine!

Haha, fun meme! I'll do it too :)

And you look great, especially for such an impromptu pic! I can't help but be amazed at the hair - I always think of short hair as very high-maintenance, so yay you for pulling it off! :)

Yay for meme'ing!

And thanks a lot for the compliment. ;) The hair and I have a very ambiguous relationship. It's quite high-maintenance twice a week when I need to wash it (and blow-dry and mousse and whatnot). On a normal day, when there's nothing major scheduled, I can really just grab a handful of gel and I'm good to go ;)

Fun! I just did it, too. I really love your hair, btw.

Thankies! :D

And yeah, it was really fun :) Thanks for snatching and spreading the word, too!

Love the earings! Love the hair! You're so pretty! :)

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