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"News came in slowly these days..."

After one (forced) week off from my blog, there's not really much to tell you:

- I started jogging. Yes, I did :) And I still haven't quit (that's even less believable, I know). I'm currently doing this C25K plan. I started a similar thing some years ago together with my mum and we stayed the course until week 4 or something. Let's hope, it's getting better this time. I'm only at the end of my first week so far.

- I tried to set up my timetable for the next semester. The next day, I talked to my boss to tell her that we have to hurry with our study (see next entry) because it's going to be complicated to finish it with the fifth semester being crowded with lectures and seminars. She was like: "Well, university's certainly more important than work. Find a way around that or tell the personnel department before they prolong your contract." Err... that was not really the kind of reaction I was hoping for. I mean, there were other fifth-semesters who could reschedule their work so that they worked in the evening/night or on the weekend. But well... seems like I have to find a way around that.

- I'm going to see my parents this weekend *jumps up and down in exitement* I haven't seen them for one month (is it pathetic to miss them in the instant they leave my appartment?) and with my work and university, I won't see them for over 2 months - so, I'm really looking forward to these three days :)
Dad bought the train tickets, so there's no tiny downer at all!

- I'm going to take the TOEFL in October. I'm glad that all my favorite universities accept it (because the British ones normally prefer a British English test - with my American slang vocabulary I wouldn't stand a chance there ;)). That's the first big step towards studying abroad, I guess. I still haven't decided on a university, not even on a country.
UNI A) far far away, expensive flight, "exotic", "know" someone (i.e. know someone who knows someone...) who lives there, have to start late there or skip my exams here, very interesting research field
UNI B) far far away, expensive flight, know some people living there (yes, really knowing), very popular uni, know people who have been there
UNI C) pretty near, cheap flights, know someone who lived/studied there, made contact to university staff, very easy and evident course system, very expensive living, "nothing special"
Damn, I have no idea what to choose. With some luck, the universities will make the decision for me but what if not?
What if I find myself sitting here with three admissions. (yes, that was funny, right?)
I can't even listen to my heart or my mind because I don't know what they're saying. And I know that even if I did, I wouldn't know whom to trust anyway. Because what my heart is making me see looks so wonderful and I wanna grab it and squeeze it and not let it go. And my mind keeps telling me that my heart is a craven liar who's promising me heaven on earth and I will end up disappointed. Not a very good prespective, I know.

So, okay, as you can see - not much new here ;)

PS: Title is taken from various fics. That's probably one of the most used expressions I've ever read in my stories ;)
It's good, though, as it gives L&C enough time to make out during work *snickers*
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