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On moving

In less than a week, I'll be on my way to the Netherlands, starting my job in 9 days. O.o
It just struck me a couple of days ago that I will never have this much free time again before retirement. I know it's normal and that's what real life is all about but it seems spooky and unreal because I'm the first of my friends who will start a real job instead of "just another round of school".
But, well, I'm obviously quite excited, the signs for my fast approaching departure pile up:

- I went to the city hall (well... its equivalent... I live in a very small village and there's some county-like authority representing several of them) to officially denote my departure. I'm not quite sure what the purpose is (except for disabling me to vote in municipal elections and keeping the public broadcasting agencies off my back) but I wanted to be a good girl and did it.

- I also bought my very first own big tool box and a cordless drill to get all crafty and handy-(wo)mannish when I move

- I went through a couple of bags and boxes in the attic, finding some really random things thrown together. a Barbie horse (yes, I had the cool black one... ;)), a puck, an electronic keyboard, a French Superman comic, and a lot of other very weird things. I'll go back there today... that's gonna be fun. ;)

- I have a huuuuge Ikea shopping list for when my mom and I are going there next Friday. I'm taking over the previous tenant's dining table and a small TV table (which is silly because I won't have a TV) and I have a desk and a very comfy couch but I need the other basics (bed, book cases, etc.). Heee! I love IKEA!

I do have to say that I'm a little afraid, which I'm sure sounds very silly. It's not like I've never left my home country before. ;) And this one is geographically a lot closer to home than Canada ever was. (Mind you, Montreal still feels like home but of course I couldn't know this when I hopped across the ocean 2 years ago.) 
Still, I'm nervous about my job. I never had someone readily agreeing to pay me to do something they (and, frankly, I) wouldn't know I'd be capable of doing. I hope that my supervisor won't think that this is the biggest mistake she's ever made. :P
But I guess at least this pressure will keep me focussed and hard-working. That's worth something, right? ;)

So, this was it... expect some pictures in the future. At the very latest in about 2 weeks when I'm all moved in. But maybe I'll also take a pic of the mess that's in my current bedroom. Lots of boxes and bags and backpacks. ;)
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