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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Can you see my hand...
sad: drowning
... from under the pile of stuff?

So, here I am, as of now living in the Netherlands for the next three years (provided I survive the probationary period). :)

I had my first day at work on Friday and, lucky for me, it was an all-day welcome meeting for this year's cohort of PhD students. I met lots of really nice people, some very cool scientists and the like. Tomorrow I can hopefully move into my new office. I saw it half-done on Friday but without furniture and computers, so it should be done soon. I'm also starting my Dutch class and hope to be in the same class with some co-workers -- that should make doing "homework" way more pleasant. ;)

On Friday my parents brought my stuff from Germany. I had arrived with nothing but a backpack and a sleeping bag, so I'm glad to have all my stuff back. Of course, 20 boxes and a couple of suitcases didn't sound so bad when I thought about it. Now that I had to unpack all of them, it seems crazy. Most of my furniture is set up and I finished a bit of half of the boxes. But there's still sooo much to do, especially in the living room. I wanted to show you guys some pics but I better wait with that until I'm all done.
So these, taken last Thursday, will have to suffice:

But, yeah... I hope to be more or less fully done... um... soon. ;)

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Sounds exciting, best of luck!!!

I can feel the anticipation and excitement of all the newness from here. :D Hope you have a great time at work and class! :)

Hehehehe -- I'm glad! ;)

And thanks a lot, I'm having a great time indeed. Most of the time. ;)

Good luck with unpacking the rest. ;)

Enjoy your years in your new apartment in Nijmegen. :)

And best of luck with the job! I hope your 'first' day today is going smoothly and that you're having a good time.

Can you let me know your new addy, btw?

Hehehe, thankies. Would you believe I'm still not done unpacking? I blame the lack of a drill but that's just a very convenient excuse. ;)

And I'll send you the address soooon. :)

What's a veenstra?

Happy settling! :)

Hehehe, thankies! The settling is still in motion, actually... I've been so tired every night that I didn't feel like doing much when I got home... oops. ;)

And Veenstra is my office mate's last name. ;)
(One of my friends asked me if "Veenstra" means Jana in Dutch ;))

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