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Nijmegen Kermis

My last week was quite stressful and I was rather exhausted by Friday night. Of course, that’s understandable, given that I hadn’t been doing any real work since… oi… April. Anyway, this weekend proved to be the perfect relax’n’unwind time I needed.

On Sunday my friend Noëmi came down from Amsterdam to spend the day with me at the Nijmegen Kermis, a huge funfair. :) It’s funny how we know each other because she’s Swiss-German but lives in Singapore. However, we met at McGill and have been friends for the past two years. Now she’s doing grad school in Amsterdam, so both of us ended up not only back in Europe but in this rather tiny country. ;) Btw, she’s the one who got me that cool Valentine’s surprise this year, so you can tell that she’s a really lovely girl.

Aaaanyway, the Kermis is a pretty big thing in Nijmegen and during the past couple of days I was really wondering… whyyy? I saw some small to medium booths but nothing too promising. However, people had told me about a Ferris wheel they had seen from the train, so maybe I hadn’t seen everything there is to see… and boy, I had no clue!
The whole fair was spread out through “downtown” (if you can call it that) with many many carousels, fast roller coasters, booths with food and the like.
I won’t go into huge detail, you can see everything on the pics. (And yep, I got into this big thing that spun you around like a human canon ball... ;))


And here are some more images of this pretty city I live in now. :)

And of course we had lots of very unhealthy food, like ice cream, French fries and poffertjes with chocolate. ;)

Such a fun day! :)

(On a more serious note, it reminded me how much I miss my friends, from Montreal and elsewhere. I know I can’t expect friends up to pop up from nothing after only a week. I guess I just wish that the great ones I have weren’t so damn far away. Or maybe I should stop listening to sappy music. Sorry, Elliott, I love you but you gotta make happy music.)
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