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15 songs meme

Oh, yes, a meme. Cause I haven't done one in a while, right?

So, I forgot what exactly the instructions were. I saw it on cyad's facebook notes sometime today and now I'm too lazy to go back to check. I believe it was something along the lines of...

"Choose 15 songs that you know will be with you for the rest of your life. Write down the first 15 that come to your mind within 15 minutes."

Yeah, well, I can tell you right now that I doubt that all of these songs will stay with me for the rest of my life. (Unless of course, my life turns out to be way shorter than I anticipate it to be. Ahum...) Looking through them, I don't think any of them would have been on this list even 5 years ago... but, well, many of them, especially the Lifehouse ones, have been favorites for quite some time now and I expect them to stay very high. ;) (And there should be more Simple Plan on this list but I could really not decide... I love many songs by these guys but hardly one better than the others.)

"From where you are" -- Lifehouse
"Broken" -- Lifehouse
"You say" -- Elliott Yamin
"Rush" -- Ferras
"Because of you" -- Kelly Clarkson
"Welcome to my life" -- Simple Plan
"What hurts the most" -- Rascal Flatts
"The head and the heart" -- Chris de Burgh
"Everything" -- Lifehouse
"If you only knew" -- Shinedown
"Best I ever had" -- State of Shock
"Nothing Else Matters" -- Metallica
"First Time" -- Robin Beck
"A Drop in the Ocean" -- Ron Pope
"All Over You" -- The Spill Canvas

And, well, I know this is cheating but how could I not give you the one that has been no. 1 on my database ever since I got it?
"Canon in D" -- Johann Pachelbel
(Why yes, I have classical music on my iPod. I'm the weird girl who goes to the opera on New Year's Eve to listen to Beethoven's 9th Symphony.)

Also, I could talk at length about each of these songs, like when I heard them for the first time, why they mean so much to me or that Jason's smirk at 4:18 of Everything is giving me chills all over. But yeah... maybe another time. ;)

So... maybe I was supposed to tag someone? I dunno... but I know I have some music-savvy people on my list, so if you feel like wasting a couple of minutes, I'd totally be into trying out new music! :D
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