schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

The small successes...

Yesterday I went shopping because I was really missing the essential things in my lil' new household like flour or salt. (And, well, if you love cooking as much as I do, you also always have things like frozen meat, olive oil, cheese and butter). Besides that I needed a couple of small-ish items but for some reason it ended up being a huge heavy pile of things, in my backpack and in bags I had to carry home.

Then I figured that since it's Saturday (and you're not allowed to use a drill on Sunday), I should finally put up my last piece of furniture, a rather tall cupboard for my "fancy" glasses (you know, for wine, whiskey, shots, these things). Of course, I only decided to do this in the early evening.
So as I was juggling the top part with trembling hands, trying to climb from the dining table on top of the 1.80 m cupboard, I realized that some things are just easier if you have a second pair of hands to help you. Right after that, I remembered that I have no health insurance in the Netherlands yet and that contemplating my sad state of life is better done with both feet on the ground.
I think I was done by 1 am, still alive but not so much kicking anymore.

Now, by today my arms and my back were killing me. And I still had to unpack the last boxes. And do some cooking for next week because it's Sunday. You can imagine my delight at these thoughts. Meh.

But now I'm sitting here, in front of me a plate with steaming spinach-cheese spaghetti and a glass of ice cider in my hand.
And I can't help but think that life is not so bad after all. :)
Tags: slice of life
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