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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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21 years ago...
general: thank you flower
... people changed history and made happen what millions of people were wishing for and hardly anybody dared to hope.
If you know one thing about German history, this should be the one.
It still gets me and I am thankful and indebted to the people who changed the lives of millions of Germans for the better.

(This was made last year in my university town, Leipzig, where the demonstrations of '89 started, to celebrate the day the wall came down. I may have shown you a different version of this clip last year but I don't care -- this never gets old. I'm not sure how well known Ode to Joy is (I mean the original text, not the newer Joyful Joyful) but I find it incredibly beautiful, not just but especially in this context.)

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stimmt das war ja heute vor 21 jahren...

und wie zufällig der werbespot genau an meinem geburtstag aufgenommen wurde. lol.

Hehehehe ;) Cooler Zufall!

Und ja, ich hätte es fast vergessen. Schade, dass das viel weniger "wert" ist als die offizielle Wiedervereinigung. Aber die Ossis erinnern sich. ;)

ich find diesen tag heute auch viel wichtiger!

will sure french away, just for the fun. might even include a canadian factor if you want and my, you in the Nethermands now.

You're turning into a real globe-trotter! :)

hope you're allright! **hugs ya**

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