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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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I should probably be working right now... (aka: The browser meme)
general: computer love
Well, I think I meant to post this on Friday and I could probably just skip all the intro stuff I had written then but it made me laugh and think of a really silly cake. ;) So, yeah, here ya go. ;)

... especially given that all I've done so far is buying cake (awesome stuff! Yellow with a red racing car! A real boy's cake! XD) for a colleague's birthday and then surprising him and then eating said cake.
But I'm soooo tired and this seemed like a fun distraction...

Taken from htbthomas and northern_star :

Put each letter into your browser, see what pops up first for each letter. Not allowed to take out anything embarrassing or naughty but you are allowed to take out super private things that would name and shame someone else and replace with the next thing.

a - aldi.nl
b - blues.nhl.com
c - canadiens.nhl.com
d - dict.leo.org
e - etsy.com
f - frau-mutti.de
g - google.com
h - hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com
i - ikea.nl
j - djsports.com (hum? I don't remember this page :P)
k - kazutakia.livejournal.com
l - lovintheoven.com
m - metamorphosesblog.wordpress.com
n - nhl.com
o - oddlyspecific.com
p - paypal.de
q - --
r - regenbogenshop.com
s - schnuffichen.livejournal.com/friends
t - tv.blinkx.com
u - us-w1.rockmelt.com
v - video.canadiens.nhl.com
w - webmail.mpi.nl
x - xtranormal.com
y - youtube.com
z - zickenterror.koberstein.org

Hmmm... there's nothing embarrassing in there, I'm afraid. Or, well, nothing that I would mind anyone to know about ;) Lotsa blogs, some shops, some hockey (<3) and the like. Probably because I switched to RockMelt a few weeks ago and it's not full of a weird browser history... yet. ;)

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LOL awww, my journal is in that list! Also oddly happy that the Habs are in your browser history. XD If I did this, all that would come up would be stuff about Putin and Formula 1...>__>

Haha, I know! I was all "Great, now she'll think I stalk her." (Also... in case you hadn't thought that before, I may just have planted that thought in your head... ummm...)

And yesss! Hockey! Habsies! <3

@Putin & Formula1: Both should totally be in anyone's browser history. ;)

(no icon, but...) I agree about F1 (I may actually have a few links in my own browser for that) but when she says Putin, doesn't she mean the Russian President? (he's President, right? Or Prime Minister? Or...someone important...) -- we should all be looking him up? ...I'm missing something here, I'm sure. Enlighten me!

Also, LOL! I bet I probably pointed you to the B link. <3 I *know* I send you links to everything else NHL pretty much every day. hehehe! <3 <3

And, methinks I ought to check out a few of these other links you have... ;)

Hee, you caught the hockey bug, too? :D

This looks fun! I'll do it too!

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