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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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I’m in the mood to rant. When I got up after a short night's sleep I wanted to come here and whine: From one second to the next a great and funny talk turned into an awkward conversation, peppered with billions of smileys to lighten the strange mood.
And I can’t because this very person is likely to read this entry.
Damn, I should stop making friends via LJ.

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*hugs* You know if you want to rant, I'm always on MSN.

friends filters my dear... friends filters. Sometimes you just have to rant about things to feel better. Email me at jojodacrow@gmail.com if you ever want to learn to set them up.

And heck if you ever leave me out of a filter to rant I would understand. It's part of life. :D

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