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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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A new attempt at taking care of a living... thing
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You know the temptation of cash register products? The stuff, often candies and tchotchkes (I blame Weird Al for teaching me this word, though I had a hard time finding the correct spelling...) that you only buy because you're bored waiting in line. Well, this is what I bought today:

A cute little miniature greenhouse! 

(Pic mainly taken so that you can laugh at the fabulous view I have... ;)

Yes, I know, it's ridiculous to get so excited over a couple of plants but, well... you remember the fish? Did I ever tell you that I killed 7 (5 red ones, 2 black ones. And two snails. Maybe I was jinxing it by giving them superhero names?) within 4 weeks? It's still a bit of a sore spot. However, I've been annoying my office mate that I want a pet. Or two. Or something. Of course, my lifestyle doesn't exactly allow for an animal that needs daily (or even half-weekly) care. So, a plant (of sorts) it is, I guess. If it survives, maybe then I can move on to something more fragile like, say, fruit flies. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. If ever.

And as I was taking pictures of my windowsill, I felt the urge to, well, take more pictures. 
I think I meant to show you how well the other plants in my apartment are doing. Then I spotted the orchid... uh oh. :/ 

And the jade plant (which sounds so much better than 'money plant' which was the name I knew for it -- thanks, knile) in my bedroom. With a couple of apes which I got as a farewell gift when my contract at 'the other MPI' ended. (I believe it's a gorilla, a chimp, a bonobo, an orangutan and possibly a gibbon. I love apes. :D)

I shall keep you updated, if for no other reason than that this way I'll remember to water my mini greenhouse. ;)

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Lol, an impulse buy, eh? They're kinda cute. Hope you're still remembering to water them. ;)

Yay, plants! They look lovely. :)

Thankies! :D Yeah, I love them to death. (Sometimes a little bit too literary...)

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