schnuffichen (schnuffichen) wrote,

This girl is made for walking.

Walking. Not running.

Some time ago
I mentioned getting semi-interested in this relay race that's going on here. A couple of people from work formed a team and for weeks they've been trying to get people to sign up.
It's tempting, in a way. I do like social things like this and a couple of friends are doing it and, well, I like being healthy and going to the gym and all that. Howeverrrr.... running? I hate running. I'm strong and explosive, not fast and enduring. Ah, such a pickle...
A half-hearted attempt to show some official interest later, I had all forgotten about it. Then today it was sommmehow brought up at lunch again and I guess I sounded moderately interested enough for the organizer to send me an e-mail.  So I just signed up, 4.5 km in the morning of May 7. (Just enough time for C25K, I suppose.)

I guess at least that'll give me enough motivation to finally do some cardio at the gym. Yeah, I'll admit that I normally shy away from the silly elliptical, the stupid treadmill and the annoying bike. And let's hope that soon enough it'll be light enough to go running outside.
(Random side note: I ran into my supervisor at the gym yesterday. 'Awkward' can't even begin to describe the situation. It seems we have perfectly synched gym schedules, too. Awesome.)

Uh... cross your fingers? Ask about progress from time to time? Do sommmmething to make me actually succeed in this, please? Thanks! ;)
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