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12-in-12. Or rather: 28-in-18.

Sooo, I've seen this going around in a number of German blogs and had meant to do it for quite some time. Then Das Kleine Brüllen tagged me and, well, when you're tagged, you have no choice, right?

Here's the deal: Officially 12-in-12 means taking one pic an hour for 12 hours of your day. Now... my days are longer than 12 hours and I can guarantee you that I will spend 3 hours doing the very same thing at work and I won't bore you with 3 pictures of that. ;) However, I decided to capture May 31, 2011 in pictures.
There are a number of reasons why this doesn't even come close to a normal (Tues-)day, for better or worse:
- I didn't bike to work because it was raining cats and dogs for most of the day
- I ran experiments all day. Normally I have 2 - 5 participants per day. That Tuesday it was 8. Crazy.
- Normally when I go to work early, I leave for home by 7 pm at the latest. Yeah, that didn't happen.
- I don't usually go to the gym on Tuesdays. However, I had gone on Sunday and I knew I wouldn't go Wednesday or Thursday.

So yup, here you go. 

'Tis too early. And too warm.
So sleepy. (I hesitated to put this pic up but then counted that at least five of you have seen me like this in the morning. Five? Whoa, online world is merging with RL.)
He who I share my bed with. I used to have a rather strict "No laptopping in bed" rule. (Well, it used to be "Nothing but sleep in bed." rule but then I got books and such.) However, much of last weekend :cough:andFriday&Monday:cough: was spent in bed, watching How I met your Mother. But I try to be better about this again, at least over the summer when there's no late-night hockey to watch.
Good smellies make me happy in the morning. Funnily enough, these three things (shampoo, conditioner, body jelly) were bought in three different countries (Canada, Germany, England). The smudge on my left hand is the code for the experiment rooms that I write on my arms because I never remember them. (Ten rooms, each with a different six-digit password...)
I wanted to annotate this as "First round of onlining this morning" but I actually cheated and checked my RSS feed when I was still in bed. This also shows the other downside of being up early (besides, you know, being up EARLY): Nobody's online. Normally this is accompanied by breakfast but my stomach isn't keen on food right now.
I'm so glad that I finally have a huge walk-in closet. I'm really not a fashionista but I haven't grown or changed weight much in 10 years and I don't like throwing things out, so this is what you end up with. I actually imagined there to be much more black and less white. Huh. (Also, I swear I'm not responsible for the hideous lining paper.) 
Seems like my beauty program is basically hair products and antiperspirant.
Yep, I have socks with the days of the week (and my shoe size). It looks like today's pair doesn't know how to read a calendar, though.
Ready to tackle the world!
My institute! The bike rack is quite deserted, probably due to the early hour and because of the rain. Also, sorry for the blurriness, I took the pic while walking because I didn't want to look like a weirdo. ;)
Checking the schedule for today's participants. Room 137 is one of our many behavioral experiment rooms. Each experiment is 30 minutes long and I usually use the other half hour to go back to the office and have a quick chat with co-workers, answer e-mails and such. Also, I take an hour off for lunch which resulted in strange looks from co-workers. But really, lunch with my colleagues (it's a quite colorful mix of IndDiff, Adaptive Listening and Comprehension people) is my happy time of the work day.
Coffeeeee! First one this morning, I don't have coffee at home. Ever since my office mate brought her old Senseo machine to work, productivity has dropped and our office has become a hangout place for the people in our hallway. (There are rumors that we're officially not allowed to have private electric appliances but I doubt it's enforced.)

Another of the many downsides of being up early (again, besides being up EARLY): the printer takes forever to warm up when you're the first person using it.

My experiment room for the day, between two experiments. The desktop is running Presentation, the right screen shows whatever the participant sees in their soundproof booth, in this case the instructions. I also always bring my laptop because I have nothing to do during the session itself and can hang out on facebook do some actual work.

A peek into the booth that my participants sit in. Don't sign up if you're claustrophobic. 

Alma, not very amused about having her picture taken. I couldn't have asked for a better office mate, we have a perfect symbiosis going on: she listens to my ramblings, I help her with statistics. 
I wanted to take a pic of all the significant people I talked to today but I suppose AgnieszkaFranJannieJoostNeilOdetteWencui would have thought I'm crazy.

Security evvvvverywhere. 

I'll admit that I stole the idea for this pic from Clogs. I wish this power button thing meant I don't need to turn off the PCs manually. Or that it also controlled the light. So silly.

Weeeee, my last participant! They have to fill out lots of administrative forms with annoyingly phrased questions like "Do you understand that you have the right to withdraw your consent for the participation in this experiment until the moment of publication without having to give any reasons as to why you wish to do so?" Thank you, German bureaucracy.

Dinner! I had packed this (spinach-salmon-creamcheese wrap) as lunch but wasn't too hungry but rather nauseous all morning. Feeling hungry now, though, and I had forgotten to bring dinner, so it's all good. Also, my tea? Suggestive name, much?

The shelf above my desk, mainly used for private stuff. No, I have no clue why there's a little bottle of vanilla up there.

Close-up of my post-it collection. Some of it Dutch language stuff, such as the rules for relative pronouns and past participle formation. Others are more social, e.g. Sinterklaas greetings from Alma and the like. On the wall you see a poster that my friends in Leipzig held up during a presentation I gave. Uh huh, we're scientists.

Still at work, analyzing today's participants' data. At this point it's mainly copy&pasting and I have nice stuff to listen to on the side, see my laptop screen. ;) (Also depicted: 4th cup of coffee.)

Off work, yay! Off to the gym... eh. The campus gym is overpriced but conveniently close to work. And open until 11! :D And it's crazy how light it still is at this time of the day.

Gymming! Music for my soul, gym card with weird pic to get me access and gloves because I want my arms to show that I lift weights, but not my hands. ;)

Spotted this lovely building on my home. Maybe I'll find out what it is. Maybe I won't. In other news, I'm dead-tired and my knee hurts. :(

Girly nightcap: Pre-mixed Cosmopolitan and home-baked Hot Cocoa Cookies from Monday.

Night, world!


Not tagging anyone because doing this takes up quite some time that I know not everybody has as much of as I do. But I'd be thrilled to see what your days look like!
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