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5 questions meme

I got this from northern_star 

 - Comment with "Hit me!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people.

1) What's the yummiest cookie you've ever made? (and when are you sending me some?)

Hmmm... tough one. Can I give you a top 3 instead? Yes? Thanks! In no particular order:
Twix Cookies! They were among the first batches of 2011. Sooooo good! (Though, seriously, the list of ingredients is useless. Don’t people understand that "cups“ is not normally a measure of candy bars? If you wanna make those, I think it means 4 Twix bars. Or 6. Just buy 6 and eat the remaining two, if necessary. That’s probably what I did.)
Bacon Cookies! Yes, you got that right. It’s candied bacon, dipped in chocolate, baked into a cookie. These guys, while not necessarily the OMG-best-thing-in-the-world are very dear to my heart because they were talked about at work for several days. Also, outrageously enough, we managed to get a vegetarian co-worker to have one. And they were really pretty good, though it might more be the idea of eating a bacon cookie than the taste itself.
Lastly, this week’s Cookies&Cream Cookies turned out wonderfully, super fudge-y and just reaaaaally good! If I were better at this, I’d be able to tell you why the chocolate chips in these cookies are still creamy 3 days after they were baked but... well... I suppose I lost you when I mentioned creamy chocolate and you’re in heaven now anyway. ;) Go make these!

And when will I send them to you? Let’s rather wait until the next time I’m in Montreal – we’ll bake lots of cookies, pretending to be all domestic, and take them to Brossard! ;)

(Making this list reminds me that I should probably take some notes on cookie recipes I’ve tried. You know, like, "2 cups of chopped Twix bars equals x Twix bars". Then again, it’s rather uncommon for me to bake any cookie twice unless something went wrong (like with my first attempt at Snickerdoodles). Or they were extraordinarily good. Om nom nom.)

2) Why did you pick that verb-thing (that I couldn't explain) as your research subject? (I suck at formulating questions, huh?)

Hehehe... 'that verb thing' is already more precise than what several of my co-workers know about my research. (Not that I know all that much about their stuff... ;))
So, my research question is basically if words that are made up of several small parts (e.g. past tense verbs such as 'walked' which is basically 'walk'+'ed') are stored as the complete 'walked' form or if they are always put together on the spot when you retrieve them from your brain. And if there are maybe differences among people with regards to that. How did I come up with that? Well... to be honest, this was not the idea when I started my job. I wanted to do something on Second Language learning and sounds because I love phonology (and lately I’ve grown quite fond of phonetics). However, my boss didn’t like this kind of stuff and threw a couple of ideas at me, one of which was work on morphology, i.e. how words are formed by putting together small parts. And, well, everybody who talks to me knows that I love making up new words and that I really enjoy finding rules and patterns in things. So, I’m quite happy with my topic – not sure if this is what I’ll be working on for the next 40 years but I like it lots.

3) One place in the world you haven't been to and would like to visit?

Hmmm, this is actually a tough question. I feel like there is no one answer. My first hunch was Australia(/New Zealand), though I’m not really sure why. Maybe because it’s that one continent I haven’t been to and it seems to combine awesome nature with a lot of cool cultural things. So, yeah, I guess I’d love to take 3 weeks off and use two of them to tour the big cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington) and another week to see the outback. :)
And, well, of course a big part of me is yearning to see Nepal. Someday...

4) Favorite chick flick? ;)

Phew... all of them? Why are you making me pick? I suppose it comes down to Notting Hill. (Though, seriously, Valentine’s Day and Love Actually are very close second and third.) Don't judge. Chick flicks are not meant to make you smart. They're meant to make you giggle and swoon and cry.

5) Who would you have on your laminate list. lol!
Well... would you believe that it was actually pretty hard to come up with 5 people? And as you will see I actually cheated with the last one.
So, yeah, there’s the obvious, Maxim Lapierre. Because he’s just reaaaaally cute. And I love his slight "I want to have fun and don’t care if people judge me“ attitude. I wouldn’t wanna be his girlfriend but... mmmmmm! Just look at him. 

Christian Bale. Because... duh. Also, he’s Batman. And Bruce Wayne. He shouldn’t get points for that but oh, he so does.

I have yet to see a bad picture of this man.

Lauren Graham. What can I say? She’s got the most beautiful eyes and a dazzling smile. And I hate to admit this but I don’t even think she’s that great of an actress but damn attractive.

Mila Kunis. Yes, I had no clue who she was before watching Black Swan but she is incredibly gorgeous, somehow combining innocence and badass-girl-ness in one person. And oh these eyes. (Yeah, I’ve got a thing for... well, eyes, it seems.)

And yeah, I’m cheating with the last one... Leonard Hofstadter. Yes, the character, not the actor Johnny Galecki – though he’s pretty cute, too. I pick Leonard because watching Big Bang Theory made me realize why I fall for geeks. I love his quirkiness and insecurities and sometimes reaaaaally lame science jokes. So, yeah, I guess he wouldn’t exactly be on my laminate list in the true sense of the concept but I’d date him in an instant – intelligence is damn sexy. ;)
(And yeah, sorry, this was not what you were asking for ;))

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