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Living for the only thing(s) I know...

(Hanging By A Moment, Lifehouse)

Can you see how I’m trying to be a good girl about this blogging thing? Uh huh! I’m always amazed when I read other people’s blogs, especially the unthemed ones. Obviously, when you have a food/DIY/fashion/whatever blog, there’s always an excuse to post. But how come some of my online friends can make a two-line entry about nothing in particular and half the world, including me, finds that interesting? Huh.

So, yep, let’s see what I’d tell you about if I did that...

northern_star bought tickets to the Caps@Bruins game in March. She’s also trying to get some for when the Habs play the Rangers the next day. Which meaaaaaans that I’m very likely going to the US for yet another hockey mini-vacation. I haven’t quite figured out... things. Like, when am I going which is very much related to where am I staying and where will I fly in, I guess.
See, if there’s one thing I don’t have enough of, it’s vacation days. (Just kidding, it’s not the only thing I wish I had more of. More internet! More sleep! Moooore stuff!) However, hopping across the pond will take up two half-days anyway, so I may just as well use the time to visit some friends and/or do some city-hopping in NY/CT/MA. I love Montreal but the ties are getting more and more loose and most of my friends have moved for grad school anyway.
But yes, bottom-line: I’M GOING TO THE US!

Work is going veeeery slowly these days. I’m taking a bunch of classes (some of them even quite interesting, who’d have thought?) and it shows. I should be working on a new experiment, I guessssss, but finding stimuli and getting our artist to draw me pretty pictures takes so much time. Also, I’ve submitted my stuff (first experiment of my PhD and what looks like a promising follow-up) to a bunch of conferences which will hopefully buy me a couple of trips to some major European cities next year. Can I get some crossed fingers? Thanks! :)

I spent quitse some money on music lately, mainly stuff by Joshua Radin who I’ve probably gushed about earlier. He’s awesome! Go check him out. (I swear, I don't get money promoting him. Just peace of mind.)

Baking! Thanks to many birthdays and potluck dinners lately, I’ve had the chance to fatten up my friends and myself bake lots. Snickurtle Pie is to die for but really needs a proper freezer, not the crappy thing we have at work. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie is pretty good – go easy on the butter and this may be a really awesome thing. Cookie Pizza is just plain ridiculous and if you’re in your right mind, you make this right now. (Go go go!) I screwed up pretty badly with the cookie "crust“ and yet it may be my most favorite dessert ever.

That’s it for now. Yup. :)
Tags: cookie queen, hockey, music, trips, work
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