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Me, myself and I

It's just not that simple.

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Anyone of you a human dictionary?
Right now, I'm doing the PR of our department. That means basically scanning the published articles about the institute of the last two years, find out what they are all about, find the respective scientists and the name of the study.
Should be easy - that's what I thought.
I had no idea, that they expect me to speak all European languages fluently.
The easiest was Dutch - probably because if you know how to pronounce it, it's pretty similar to German.
But I've spent the last hour or so, reading two pages of an article in French, trying to figure what they were trying to tell me. And I have no clue. It's something about dogs and apes and pointing and... well, that's all I know ;)
Did I mention that I was a French major in high school? Embarassing, huh?
Oh, and there's another article in Greek (you know, with all the greek letters so that you can't google the crap) ... any takers? :D

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I did study four years of French, but I hardly remember any of it!

See, this is the beauty of internet friends - Lara speaks French and Anna speaks Greek. Of course, they may not be available to help, but at least you know somebody! Just think what you'd do if you never joined FoLC-dom. :)

Lol, Lisa, that's so true. I was actually like "Great, could someone please give me Lara and Anna..."
And I could have asked Saskia if had been stuck with my poor Dutch ;)

Yeah - FoLCs are the best :)

But good to know that there's not too much left of your French either...

Hehe if it was ancient greek I could do it. I was a religion major in college and took 2 years of it. ^_^

Wow, jojo, that's really cool! We could choose ancient greek in hig school but I was kind of afraid ;)
So, did you study Hebrew as well?

I could have but chose two years of greek instead. If I had of continued on my study course I would have eventually. Alas, I decided it was not for me. :)

Yup, if you want help with Dutch, I'm game. It's true that you'll be able to figure most out, I'm the same wither German (after years for study, mind you). My French is about as good as yours, I suspect. Did you know, by the way, that if you speak some German and Dutch, you can also figure out Scandinavian languages?

Sure, I can help - just let me know what you need. :))

See ya,

Well, duh. Of course I can help you with French!

I was actually like "Great, could someone please give me Lara and Anna..."

Right here, and you're welcome to grab me directly from my seat - I'm tired of being here anyway. *lol*

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