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"What's left when you forget what you've learnt, that's education"

Sorry for my repeated bothering you with abroad stuff but I’d like to thank my girls fort he crossed fingers form my TOEFL and in a year I’ll hopefully look back at this entry like “Gosh, I can’t believe how nervous I was those days… and it all went great!” :)

Topics today were:
Reading: functionalism in social groups, stockbreeding in Ancient Egypt, development of political paintings in post-revolutionary France, overfishing and its alternatives, some other history text that I can’t remember
Listening: Publishing fiction, stalactites and soda straws, the couple Eames and their chairs, carnivorous plants
Speaking: enhanced memory in mother-rats, sample errors, obligatory on-campus housing at Lewis college
Writing: mistakes made by the colonists in Jamestown in 1808 (227 words in 15 minutes), “Is it better to spend money for vacation than to save it for the future?” (700 words in 30 minutes)

I wonder whether I had just bad luck because I hate history and still got 4 history topics or whether it’s always like this. But why would I know as I wasn’t prepared more than the absolute minimum? They should have asked about Superman or bats ;)
Anyway, it all went okay.

The reading (usually my best in the model tests) was okay, listening a bit better (due to better topics, apart from the geology crap). The one thing I screwed was the one thing I couldn’t train at all: Speaking. It’s simply because I don’t talk much in general, not even in German. I’m the one who listens and throws in cynical comments from time to time. But, and that was the other part of the problem today, if I eventually start saying something, I babble in Gilmore Girls speed so that I can be quiet again as soon as possible. My pronunciation is good but although the lecture based topics were good, my summaries of them were really… um… poor, to be honest.
The independent speaking topics sucked as well, so at least that’s something I can blame ;)
The best was probably the writing, that’s kind of what I expected. The text-based topic was okay, the independent was a bit annoying and my essay got somewhat weird but I hope that their focus is not so much on the content but in the grammar/style/vocabulary and that was okay.

I get the results in about 2 weeks and I kind of expect something like 23, 25, 20 and 26 points of 30 points each. Just guessing, we will see… That would probably be enough for all three universities, although it could get a bit close for London. But they are too expensive anyway ;) 

So, once again, many thanks to all of you!

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