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to this world, Luna Faye :)

2770 g, 48 cm - I'm so happy that everything turned out wonderfully!

Just got a text message by the newly-minted grandmother and it brightened my day.
Sometimes it needs little wonders like her to help you focus what's important in life and what is not.

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Congrats! :)

Though isn't that a little bit on the light side?

Yes, I'd say so. But she's pretty small, too.
But they were really worried about her during the last couple of weeks because she was just so small. And my cousin who is pretty small herself gained only about 4 kg.

I'm sooo excited, can't wait to see pictures :)

As long as mom and baby are fine now, that's all that really matters.

I know someone who only lost weight during her pregnancy... she was morning sick for most of the nine months, and she was above average weight, so nothing too bad.

And if you want to share some pics, I'm ready to start oohing and awwing. ;)

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