May 28th, 2007


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Wow, it’s been quite a while. But somehow, RL did get the better of me and I hardly found time to write anything down though countless entries were formed in my head. But currently, I have a week off (Gee, why are there different names for the same event: whitsun or pentecost... anyway, I guess you know, what I mean) which I spend at my parent’s place – I still don’t know whether this will mean more (since I have plenty of free time) or less  (due to the 56k modem) activity here.

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Big Brother is watching you

$Gee, I had my first EEG last week – as an experimenter that is. First victim was Conny who spent most of the time assuring the nervous me that it would be no big deal at all. And actually, it wasn’t. I had a lot more responsibility than everybody had told me but it was nice and actually not that complicated. Most of the time I would watch her nervous signals, not really sure what to look for anyway. Every 5 minutes I went to her cabin, told her about her results which were really great (the researcher assisting me kept calling her “alien” due to her good percentage). I won’t go into much detail with what the task was as I have honestly no idea what we’re researching but it was something about overt and covert attention – the first being the “usual” form of attention when you actively observe something whereas the latter means that your eyes are focused on a certain point but you have to concentrate on something out of your directed view. It’s not that exciting, I know ;)

But interestingly enough I almost had fun one day later when Linda became my “labrat”. She wasn’t nearly as relaxed and convenient as Conny but with the “expertise” I gained it was quite okay. I even managed to interpret some of her EEG waves which made me kind of proud (not to mention that our professor came along and watched me competently clicking around in the programme). I told her not too peek to often and not to cramp too much which was both visible through her results. That’s quite amazing!


No work today...

There are no great news so far at my work. But still, I could leave for holiday with a good feeling.

First of all, my overtime hours are about to be fully consumed by the end of June. This is good since it means that I’ll be able to start with something more exciting. But it also means that taking a break for my exams in July is going to be hard – not so much from my bosses’ points of view but from my own. I’m going to feel bad about leaving the front, knowing that I’ll be coming back with probably about 30 hours to catch up with. This means further more that going on holiday would be very hard for me because I’m counting on getting a new study then. But well, Jana (the executive coordinator) said I shouldn’t worry too much.

I guess that nobody will ever understand what this work means to me. I’m completely addicted and I’m sure I would give up a lot not to risk my position there. I might not be popular but my reputation within the researchers is quite good as I’m known for being fast, hard working, and considerate. Sorry, this must sound awful but there are a few times when I need to remind myself that there’s a good reason for me not to give up.

When I happened to meet Emily (one of the brightest, nicest and funniest doctoral students at the institute) on Friday, I was a bit terrified she wouldn’t do as much as look at me but she actually started a nice chat. When I told her I had nothing to do right now, there was a slight hope she could do something about that – but all I got was “Well, enjoy the great summer then.” Which from a neutral POV is probably even better than being loaded with new work. But it would have been nice to remind her of me ;)

Oh, and I get to “repeat” some kids from my very first study (last summer) – the one where I still was a green intern, desperate to get a job as research assistant (and to get noticed by this very handsome lecturer who happened to work there as well (and yes, *that* was pure coincidence…)).

This study wasn’t so much fun but at least it’s some change from the stupid coding I’m currently doing.

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