June 9th, 2007


Sooo lazy...

God, could please someone kick my a**?

I haven't managed anything today... I was out walking my dog, copied some files from my broken hard drive (yay, it's working - thanks, Dad!!!) and... well, that's it.
Sad, I know.

I mean, it wouldn't be that bad if my mind could ignore my huge to-do list (not a specific order):
- BRing for bakasi
- clean up my apartment
- studying for the in-between exams in 2 months
- preparing my presentation in 3 weeks
- digging through the net to find a nice abroad university (okay, for at the earliest 2008, so that could wait some time... but I still have no idea about which country to go at all...)

Gee... I guess, I should get up :((actually, the mood thingy doesn't really match... I'm neither happy nor proud of lying around and complaining about being bored)

Seeking for world domination

Well, sort of.

There are student body elections at my faculty next week. I felt a bit pretentious (thanks to laramoon, I didn't know that word before and it's a really useful one!) about presenting myself as a candidate. I haven't been exactly active during my last legislative period due to special work affairs, so I heard people talking whether I lost my mind.

Anyway, I'm motivated... and the fact that there are 10 positions to fill and only 11 candidates (and only 5 of them presented their ads so far)  should help a bit :)