June 27th, 2007


We made it

Remember when I told you about our students-professors mini-golf tournament?

Well, we had such a great time. Weather was wonderful, most of the time anyway.

After 6 hours of practicing, we tackled our lecturers... I was in one team with our institute's director. Being the competitive type, he used to tease me:

"Well, now I know why I rarely see you in my lectures... you spend all day here practicing."

When I failed at the next hole, he widely grinned:

"See, you'd better have spent some time here instead of coming to the lecture last week and bothering me with nagging questions..."

In the end, the students won - being true scientists we did proper statistics with t-tests and everything, revealing that there was no significant difference... but still :)

Afterwards, there was a nice BBQ. Although I spent most of the evening standing inside the smoke and feeding my best friend with steak, I managed to talk to some university staff. I told him about my work and my plans to go abroad. He strongly advised me to apply for an internship instead of trying to gain a degree in the States. I never really considered this because there's just nothing I can offer apart from some experience and high encouragement and motivation. But apparently my boss's name might ring some bells and with a good recommendation I could actually have a chance. Interesting thought and definitely worth contemplating.

Anyway, back to topic: Everybody was pretty happy and we plan this to make an annual event.

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