July 18th, 2007


I screwed up

Some weeks ago, a nice girl looked for willing beta-readers. I've never done this before but I love LnC, so I was pretty excited and everything.
But I had no idea, what my life would look like right now:
I get up in the very morning, keep studying all day and end up curled up on the couch at midnight because once again I didn't manage to go to bed :(
I guess, my last response to her apologizing for not having too much time is about a week ago and I somehow managed to push it aside. But well, today she wrote again and I truly understand that she's getting impatient meanwhile.
But I have no idea what to do:
I do want to do this job properly which means I need about 3 or 4 hours to read all the stuff (plus recalling what the whole story was about). But the earliest possible time to do so is in about 3 weeks.

So, most of you are authors yourself: What would you want to hear in such a situation?
Wait for my next BR in 3 weeks?
Go on writing to have me back BRing when I have more time?
Get me out of the story at all?

I feel so bad for not having enough time when at first I eagerly volunteered. *sighs*

Oh right, did I already tell you that she asked me to do a trailer on this very story?
Wanna bet who felt flattered enough not to say no? *bangs head*

And why am I telling you all this stuff? I should be in bed now and not whining here :(
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