July 26th, 2007


One more week...

Only 8 days left (7 if you don't count the last day itself) until life's going to start again ;)

I miss:
- reading *interesting* stuff (I almost enjoy studying my shampoo bottle in the morning as it's NON-scientific)
- sleeping in
- shopping
- healthy food (i.e. everything that needs more preparation than pouring hot water on dry powder)
- work
- vidding

Today, a friend asked me about post-exam plans:
"Well, on the very same day, I'll go to IKEA and spend an insane amount of money for... well, nothing.
Saturday, I'l sleep in, have a long brunch with friends and go shopping. Then, we'll probably go watching The Simpsons.
On Sunday, I so need to clean up my apartment as it's a messy dump. And I have to catch up on the recent fics. Later, there's a game evening at a friend's place: MUNCHKIN!!!
Monday, life's finally gonna have me back as I finally get back to work - woohoo!"

When I asked her, what she would do afterwards, she was like:
"Errr... relaxing for the next two months..."

I realised, I really need this kind of planning to prevent me from going crazy. I have to get away from university and forget about the stuff I wrote (and furthermore the things I didn't write). Plus, I'll need to have belated birthday party - hopefully, I can convince everybody of how much fun this karaoke thing is going to be :)

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Anyway... see you soon - hopefully with good news :)