August 8th, 2007


Me and my intellectually challenging job...

Today's work assignment: SHOPPING! Woot!

On my list, I had two "normal" Bob the builder helmets (one for a child, one for an adult, possibly not too expensive) and one "mini" helmet. For a squirrel. Yeah, right. That's exactly what I thought as well. *nods*

So, the first two helmets weren't too complicated. I went to a big department store and there they had cheap yellow helmets which were only about a tenth of the original price - experience in shopping without much money pays off from time to time ;)

But then, there was the question of what to do with the squirrel. So, I left and went to another store and the next and so forth... The last but one shop was a toy store and I was sooo sure, they must have plenty of stuff around Bob the builder. I mean, even if there are no special-squirrel-head-helmets, there should be Bob puppets where you can cut the helmet off or something... Nope, not at all.

Geez... so I gave up and went to the hardware store (yeah, great, you never have this kind of vocabulary when you need it... when I talked to Emily on the phone, I was like: "Well, yeah... tool store... or something... you know what I mean..."), I had to buy some seeds and soil for my granny's birthday. While strolling through the halls, something yellow caught my eye... woohoo... they have helmets there (yeah, at a hardware store, who would have thought...). And what did I find there? This kind of masks you put in front of your mouth so that you don't inhale dust. Not exactly what Michael Jackson wears but kind of ;)
I fetched my squirrel puppet to see whether it fits and how it looks and from what I can say, it looks absolutely gorgeous!
Painted in yellow, I'm sure, they'll make a great squirrel-head helmet :D
I really need to take a foto of it when we're done with the study.

BTW: Actually, we had about the coolest idea ever when thinking about children's TV "heroes": Why not giving the squirrel a nice red cape? I might be kind of biased, but *that* was actually my favorite :)
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